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Experian Boost and Fico Ultra – Does it work?

Both Experian and FICO have released score boosters in 2019.  The question is, does it help? I have been researching this to find the pros and the cons and they both have both.  So, what are they anyways? Experian Boost – allows consumers to add their utility bills, cell phone bills, and other types of…

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Do Divorce Decrees Matter?

I hear all the time from mortgage lenders that an item should not be on a report because it is not the borrower’s legal responsibility through a divorce.  However, the truth is that creditors don’t care about that piece of paper!  So, let’s explain the process so you know how and what needs to be…

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Collections and Charge Offs

Whenever someone goes 180 days late on any open account, it moves to a status called “charge off”.  This means they are now closing the account and the debt is being transitioned into a collection status.  It does not always mean there will be a separate collection account created, as some creditors choose to keep…

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Do You Truly Understand Equity?

One of the things that was profound to me while speaking with my clients, was how little the average person understands how equity gains in a home, work.  I want to share with you a simple way to understand how important a home can be to building your family’s wealth. Let’s say you make $50,000…

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